Monday, November 14, 2011

Jo Jo Keller in flight on a production CR

I could tell quite a few stories about this guy.  The one-and-only Jo Jo Keller flies the 480R for the Honda B team. I'm pretty sure this is Southwick; note the Jo Jo sign in background. Keller could make time on the deep sand course. Then after the moto, he just might flip a penny and catch it on his nose.

Talented guy. Great racer. Wonderful personality.


pn27416 said...

One of my favorites of all time!

Anonymous said...

Jo Jo Has always been my hero. One time he came into the pizza place I was working at and he came in.. I recognized him right away and asked him many questions.. I was so in awe of him I started racing and won 12 titles on the outlaw series in Maine. But if he didn't encourage me then ... I would have done nothing probably.. How many times does someone get to meet their hero..
Bob Thibodeau

Scott479 said...

Hi Tom,

Thank you for posting the pic of Jo Jo, nice to look back once in awhile and I enjoyed your thoughts too about the unique rider he was, and still is today. Side note about Southwick-they swapped the track around quite a bit-the last time it was as you might recall was also Ricky Carmichaels last race there on a 125 in 1995?-he turned 1:55 laps besting by 3 seconds the fastest we had on record from 1980 of 1:58. History and stats are as important to MX as they are to baseball-it is a shame track layouts change without a thought to that fact. MX338 might have had a good reason-I don't know the particulars.

Scott Plantier