Friday, July 22, 2016

How haters helped me write my new fiction novel

Retro MX fans, I realize this is off topic. But it may have some relevance to your training and endurance sport and food, so here it goes:

There was an interesting turn of events over the past year or so. My "Most Efficient Running Technique" video was doing well, now with over 550,000 views. It's interesting that I have over 1200 "likes" but also 541 haters (at the time of this post).

It's the haters who engage me most. Who attempt to shout me down. To call be derogatory names. The theme among remarks reflected that I was not fast enough to be called a runner. That my technique won't work for fast runners. That since I am not fast, I do not have credibility.

I wrote response comments to most every hater and tried to reason? Can't we validate all runners, anyone what strives to make it to the finish line? Can't endurance sport be inclusive of everyone?

That got me thinking.

About endurance sport, about how endurance sport athletes hold a hierarchy. For those in the front of the pack, then other participants who are perceived as "less" than themselves.

It was also a time when I was thinking about how to author a companion book to "Mind Over Diet."

And how to attempt my first fiction writing in over 40 years.

And how to address a topic that is prevalent in endurance sport. Food addiction and compulsive eating related to performance.

That's when I created my main character, Liliana. Trim, fit, appealing. And one who manipulates others.

Liliana was on top of her game, but then Food came into her life. She wanted to break away. But she could not.

This was not the love affair she had intended. It was not a healthy relationship. She traded her affection for Food, the satiating appeal, but then, the dark remorse that followed.

Call it steamy romance, call it a horror story. But, it is redemptive.  Liliana finds another course.

It's a self publishing project, for Amazon:

And, I made a short video to capture my thoughts:

The day may never come when haters are no more. But as long as there is life, we can love and encourage others. And that is what I intend to do.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

G Man needs our help

Gary Gill, possibly the biggest motocross fan in the history of the world, is having a tough time.

G Man took his retro CR500 for a short little test and tune, crashed, and made impact with an embankment. Some head trauma was incurred. He has been in and out of rehab and the hospital.

Please do me a big one and leave a comment on this post. Give Gary an attaboy and wish him well. Tell him some old MX stories. Be a pal.

I'll make sure all of the comments are sent to him directly, or printed and mailed as part of a group card.

Gary, get well soon, buddy.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gary Gill update

Just got word G Man has phone access at the rehab center, so I gave him a call. He's sounding great, hoping to get a release in the next few days. Still having some mobility issues, but all in good time.

Gary explained he was doing some carb work on his retro CR500 and decided to do a quick run to test his tuning. He remembers turning into a dirt area at the end of his street and thinks he may have high sided.

Nonetheless, G Man has retained his sense of humor. Says he may have to cut back on the 12 packs in order to help his balance.

Gotta love this guy. I remember the time he won the hairy chest contest at Harlow's dance club in Atlanta in the early 1980's. Once a winner, always a winner.

Get well, Gary.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gary Gill sustains injuries in M/C accident

One of the greatest MX fans of all time took a fall on his motorcyle and is fighting back from a bad bump on the head.

Gary Gill is currently in ICU at Gwinnett Medical in Lawrenceville, GA due to an accident on Saturday night, August 1.  Gary decided to visit a construction site minus his helmet. Apparently he hit an embankment and flipped off head/face first. There were witnesses at the site.

"G Man" was a regular drop-in at the Cycle News East offices in Tucker, GA when I was the associate editor. No one loved MX more than Gary. He remains a friend to this day.

Take a moment and drop Gary a note or card. Send it to PO Box 1, Buford GA 30515.

Get well quick, buddy.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Please help ID this oatmeal cookie

Can anyone name this rider? I'm not sure. Tommy Benolkin? Any other suggestions?

Bell goes out front

I might have posted this before, but who cares it's good. Mike Bell (1) shows the way with Bailey (45) and Barnett (5) in tow. Hannah (100) is on the jump behind Bell. Who's 19 and 21? Quiz time.

Nice shot, help me name the riders and track

Pretty nice shot, but my memory is foggy; who are 253 and 44 and where was this taken?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Not a good day at the races

I may be wrong, but this youngster is have a tough day at the races. Better check the carb to see if any dirt or water got in there...

David Bailey writes in...

Received a great email from multi-time champ David Bailey. He weighs in a couple of the Retro Motocross posts from yesterday:

Man these are great! :-)

This one of Lechien is when he had to do a regional in North Carolina at Rolling Hills. I'm 99% sure. That was the first time I ever saw him ride and I knew he was on his way! So natural, stylish and fast. He had a style all his own with just a touch of Darrell Shultz head tilt in there. Notice his clutch hand isn't even gripping the bars. Lots of riding and great instintcs gets you to that point where you're fast and loose.

That one of me is from the Orlando Winter Am. I couldn't do anything wrong that day. It was the first time I ever raced that amazing 1982 Works Honda. It's a race that still stands out as one my best in that I floated around a really rough track and everything I did worked out right. I saw Jeff Ward have one of those days in Sweden in the MX des Nations. I hurt my wrist the week before in Finland and Broc Glover filled in for me so I watched Jeff from the sidelines do things you just don't do unless all the stars are lined up!

Thanks for writing in, David!

Monday, January 5, 2015


The legendary Freddie Ephrem, trophy female and Chris Bigelow. Where was this? Unadilla?